WiFrost is the only provider of 4G/5G fixed wireless access (FWA) using TVWS spectrum
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TVWS Spectrum

What is TV Whitespace Spectrum?

TV Channels are 6 or 8 MHz each
Every 1 MHz of spectrum can provide 5 to 10 Mbps speeds

Coverage Comparison
TVWS coverage is 2-3x of 3.5GHz frequency

Bubbles represent the relative area covered.
The call out boxes show the numerical value in Square Kilometers up to the corresponding Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI)

WiFrost TVWS Deployments in the World


Use Cases

Our TVWS Radios can mount on the same tower and use the same backhaul as the CBRS Radios, double the capacity of the towers at no additional cost.

By using standard LTE components coupled with our Proprietary RF technology, We cut the cost of Radio to half compared to competitions.

Our Cloud NMS integrated the various aspect of deploying a network into one easy to use plug and play experience. It is truly as simple as configuring Wi-Fi.

Wireless ISPs

Our LTE based TVWS RAN is a game changer for Rural WISPs in Total Return on Investment(ROI) for owning a broadband network.

Using TVWS unlicensed spectrum is free with WiFrost Cloud built-in data base registration.

By using the low frequency TVWS spectrum, this is truly a Non line of sight technology. Our Base Station can mount on low poles and small hills to save cost of backhaul infrastructure for ISPs.

Community Hot Spots

Consumers access the internet using Wi-Fi hotspots. TVWS spectrum provides backhaul to the hotspots using standard LTE technology.

In many countries in Africa and South America, community and schools use Wi-Fi hot spots to provide internet connectivity. Our long range coverage means one TVWS Base Station can connect to multiple Wi-Fi hotspots in the community and school campuses.

Simple Integration with MNO Core Network

Fixed wireless and home internet ARPU is 5 times mobile APRU.

In rural market, TVWS provides additional capacity with an unlicensed spectrum for MNOs with existing or new towers. Our LT100 Radios based on LTE seamlessly integrate into MNO 4G core network. TVWS radios require smaller towers and cost 50% of the competition. Operational cost is further reduced by the low power consumption and remote management.

Testing Precision Ag IoT use cases with multiple large US companies.

Precision Agriculture

Connecting large machinery.

Throughput requirement to send work orders to machinery are 2 to 3 Mbps (tractors, harvesters, sprayers, etc.)

Current unlicensed products cover up to 1 mile range. WiFrost delivers 2-5-mile range at lower price points and better performance.

Provide internet connection to the LoRaWAN gateways to the internet

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