Simple as Wi-Fi

WiFrost Cloud NMS simplifies the deployment of radios by building in the 4G core network and TVWS spectrum management, making it transparent to customers.

TVWS Channels at Your Fingertips

Built-in TVWS Channel Availability and Usability Maps with point and click functionality to plot towers and network.

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All Remote, All on the Cloud

Intuitive dashboards and graphs with time-series data visualization, channel scanning and dynamic channel selection for unlicensed TVWS ensures best performance for your network. Network Management with customer alerts and alarms for all critical network components and parameters.

LT100 Family of Radios

Based on standard LTE technologies, LT100 Base station and CPE deliver both coverage and capacity in Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) scenarios especially in challenging terrain such as heavily forested areas.

Supporting 2x2 MIMO point-to-multipoint, the system reliably delivers downlink speeds up to 100Mbps.

Advanced noise cancelling technology enables radio operation in noisy environments with reliable connections.

Base Stations operate with our embedded 4G Core (EPC) or any external EPC solutions. CPEs use standard micro-SIM card authentication. CPEs connect to any home/enterprise Wi-Fi AP with zero configuration.
TVWS Base Station

Our Network Planning Services

Base Station tower site selection using coverage map with terrain data to optimize coverage and ROI.

Signal strength and coverage map simulation for various Base Station heights.

Bill of Materials(BOM) for coverage area connectivity.

Next Generation 5G multi-band Product
TVWS + CBRS with Carrier Aggregation

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